Flowery Friday: Amaryllis – ‘Chico’ (and tips for getting amaryllis to rebloom).

My Schlumbergera decided that it didn’t want to make an appearance on social media this year – it’s sulking because I moved it from its preferred location earlier in the year. (I had to – our cat’s midnight snacking sessions were taking a toll!). While I wait for it to recover fully and decide to put on a show, I can content myself with my cybister amaryllis, which I saved over from last year by pretty much doing nothing at all. (I cut off the flower stalk when it was finished blooming, and allowed the plant to grow out its leaves. I kept watering only when necessary and left it in a sunny location until the leaves died back in the early summer, then I let the bulb sit in the soil for several months. During that time, I didn’t water it, and didn’t move it from its location. I revived the bulb in late October by resuming watering. I started fertilizing a bit once I saw some activity).

This is ‘Chico’:

Wishing everyone the very best of the holiday season! A million thanks to everyone who has followed Flowery Prose over the years! I truly appreciate your time and the wonderful, thoughtful, and inspiring comments you leave. I am planning to refresh and engage in my blog more fully in the new year, as well as spend time enjoying the wonderful blogs I follow. Looking forward to 2022!


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