The Little Prairie Book of Berries: Cookbook cover reveal!

I have been so swamped I haven’t had a chance to post this until now but The Little Prairie Book of Berries is at the printers (whoohoo!) and it’s time for the big cover reveal! Tree Abraham did the incredible artwork and the design for the book alongside Meryl Hulse – you’ll recognize Tree’s distinctive style from The Guides for the Prairie Gardener. What she has done with this book is so amazing I still can’t believe it. My little berry/fruit cookbook will be published on September 21 and it’s already available for preorder from Chapters-Indigo and Amazon. Here are the details from my wonderful publisher, TouchWood Editions!


  1. I like the look of this book a lot – more true to what is in the book and the colours of the fruit are nice and bold! Well done Sheryl!

  2. Congrats! Any recipes for Canada Buffalo Berry? I just found some growing on our property! I cleared away an overgrown cotoneaster bush and underneath was a clump of Buffalo Berry. Interesting surprise!

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