How to keep seedbeds damp for better, more uniform germination.

If you’re sowing seeds in your garden (I’m putting in a second crop of carrots in succession this weekend), it’s important to keep the seedbeds damp. Consistent moisture leads to better, more uniform germination. (Seeds can die if they are inconsistently watered and left to dry out too much.) I like to tack a piece of burlap on top of the newly-planted seeds to help keep the water in the soil. Once most of the seeds are up, off comes the burlap. I can wash and dry it and reuse it every year. Do you have any tricks to get your seeds to germinate?


  1. Hi Sheryl. We just plant our seeds, water them really well, and say a prayer that they grow extremely well during the season. 👌🤞🙏 Crossing fingers and toes does help a little too, lol. 😉😄

  2. We have a lot of chippings from trees that are being pruned and deadfall in our woods. I sprinkle a light layer of the finest of this mulch over the newly seeded bed, then water once a day. In the past I’ve also sprinkled a light layer of grass clippings over top. Both seem to help retain the moisture without hampering germination. Fortunately we are on our third rainy day which is going to help immensely with the germination of all the sunflower seeds I’ve planted all over the place!

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