More lettuce in the kitchen garden.

More lettuce is happening in my kitchen! This heirloom variety is ‘Red Deer Tongue’.

The social media anxiety about seed shortages prompted me to order my seed potatoes yesterday from a local grower. It appears that the shortages are not completely unfounded; the supplier was already out of several cultivars. When you think that we don’t typically plant potatoes until May in this area, it’s incredible to see that many “sold out” labels this early in the year. The suppliers must be absolutely thrilled that their products are so high in demand. It’s truly exciting to see this surge in interest in gardening.

Have you placed any seed orders for spring planting? Or are you able to save most of your seed from your own garden?


  1. I’m pretty spoiled living in Northern California. I direct-sow all my seeds. The only seeds that remain problematic are sunflowers. The squirrels dig them up as fast as I plant them. Your lettuce looks divine.

  2. That is interesting about the seed shortage. I do hope people keep gardening. How much lettuce are you able to grow inside? I have mine in a raised planter outside and can only grow it in the late fall and early spring before it gets too hot.

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