Beach party: signs of spring.


A week of seriously cold temperatures has given way to unbelievably warm temperatures ((we’ve gone from dipping as low as -30.9ºC (-23.6ºF) last Tuesday to +6ºC (42.8ºF) today)) and the poplar trees are responding like the rest of us are…giddy with the sunshine and ready to fling off the parkas and toques.

But we had better not throw them too far away. Spring is not just around the corner.  Not yet. Despite appearances….



  1. We’re yo-yo-ing, too. It’s the way of winter on the Gulf coast. The good news is that many of our winter bedding plants — pansies, snapdragons, cyclamen — do just fine, and give us something to enjoy while we’re waiting for real spring to arrive.

  2. We also low temperatures last week….._45C…… This week we are delighted and warm at -2C. I don’t get out nuch so haven;t seen any buds up close and personal. One day we actually reach +5C No wonder we love summer so very much.


    • I’ve been thinking about you, Jean – I haven’t had a chance to read any blogs as of late and I haven’t been keeping up at all. I hope you are recovering and are feeling much better.

      Winter can definitely be a bit hard to take sometimes! That cold snap in mid-January was absolutely awful….

  3. Looks can be very deceiving right Sheryl? We know we are still about 2 1/2 months away from any sort of spring. At least we have the -3 to -6 range this week instead of worse, like Last week. That was just nasty weather.

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