Flowery Friday: effective colour use.


Flashback to mid-summer last year and a public planting found in a playground in the Beltline area of Calgary.  That mix of foliage textures and the pop of lime green, yellow, and pink-purple (possibly combined with the fact that it was crazy late in the evening and I hadn’t eaten supper yet) made me drool.

Pretty much any colour is making me drool right now….the absolutely bananas weather has given me a serious case of cabin fever!


  1. Gads. I got sicker than I had in MANY years while I was supposed to be vacationing (at work) and staying in a rather luxurious cabin. It was great to be in such a comfortable place while sick, but horrible to be sick while there! My crew got me the cabin, and I SO wanted to enjoy it for them. I did in a way. I wrote about it in Six on Saturday back in early January. Anyway, that is too much information.
    What is that little shrubby thingie that looks like a Port Orford cedar on the right?

    • It’s a cypress, but I’m afraid I’m not certain which cultivar. Gardeners sometimes use cypress in containers/beds here and don’t usually expect them to grow very long (or even overwinter, really). We do have a native cypress but it is not common, at least not here in southern Alberta. A few years ago, I came across some while hiking in the mountains, but that’s the only time I’ve ever seen them.

      • That is a very finely textured cypress. The lemon cypress, which is a sickly but bright yellow cultivar of the Monterey cypress is available here. It looks great when fresh, but I dislike it because it does not last. If it does last, it gets rather disfigures as patches of it die out. Yours is really pretty because of the fine texture.

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