Flowery Friday: Lilacs.



Ah…lilac flowers.  Divinely dreamy.  Even if they make me sneeze.  😉

Wow, do I miss summer already! I snapped these photos while taking in the gorgeous sights of the Silver Springs Botanical Garden here in Calgary at the end of May this year.

Do you grow lilacs? If so, which ones are your favourites? (If you have any photos on your blog or website, feel free to link them here so we can admire!). 





  1. I had to take a second look…no lilacs this time of year in this hemisphere. We cannot grow them in this subtropical climate. We use Crepe Myrtle as a substitute, which will bloom for about 100 days.

  2. We had lilacs, basic “lilac” coloured ones, at the house we just sold. I’m looking forward to a June walk around our in-town neighbourhood to find some.

  3. I love lilacs; I have planted a couple of the miniature varieties, but haven’t had a lot of flowers, they are still quite small! Do they take a while, 2 years, to get established? Do they need a lot of sunlight? maybe next year I will get more flowers and have some photos to share

  4. I was just telling someone else that when I grew the French hybrid lilacs, I still preferred the straight species. I am still told that it needs more of a chill than it can get here, but I remember it growing just fine since I was kid. The French hybrids need less chill, and bloom with all those various colors. Even though white is my favorite color, I still think that lilac (as well as wisteria) look best in lavender!. However, your white lilac looks exquisite! We no longer grow lilac, because there is not much demand for it.

  5. That was a lovely burst of colour on a December morning Sheryl! I can almost smell them… I only have a small lilac shrub: Syringa meyeri Palibin, that has been a disappointment as it doesn’t smell much. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Our lilac bushes all died in a flood a few years back–they couldn’t deal with weeks of standing water. But lots of the neighbors have them so I enjoy theirs as I walk around the neighborhood.

  7. Beautiful pictures. I could almost smell them! 🙂 I got a tinkerbell lilac bush for my mother when I lived in Iowa. The only place I see them in Los Angeles is at the Botanical Gardens.

  8. I’ve seen these before but I just had to see them again. They are one of my favorite plants in the world, and I’m lucky to have one just outside my balcony. Ahh, I can just smell them, even though it’s winter! Thanks for posting such lovely photos, Sheryl.

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