Flowery Friday: Lewisia.


Lewisia (Lewisii spp.) isn’t a plant I’ve come across very often here in Calgary, so I was absolutely delighted last week when I spotted a couple of specimens in bloom in the William Reader Rock Garden.  If my own rock garden ever happens, there will be more than a couple of these beauties tucked in.  Do you grow them?


  1. Yes, I have grown them and they are so pretty. Mine succumbed quite quickly to the damp, unfortunately. I thought the drainage was good enough as I had planted them in a high grit content compost. I read that in damp areas they are better when planted in a vertical situation like a stone wall with a small soil pocket. I hope that makes sense! I might also try keeping them in a covered area like a greenhouse.

    • They’re used to dry mountain soils, I suppose…that makes sense. As you say, they probably would fare better as a vertical planting in a stone wall. The garden I found these in is entirely terraced with large stones and the drainage seems to be superb. A greenhouse setting might work nicely, as well!

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