Flowery Friday: Nasturtium.


The importance of labeling garden things (plants, seed packets, fertilizer containers, and those assorted parts and pieces for the lawnmower that mysteriously are not currently installed on the machine) cannot be overstated. I believe I have stressed it in more than one article that I’ve written.

This is me clearly railing against my own decent, sound, and meaningful advice: here is a photo of a nasturtium (the super common but super pretty ‘Jewel Mix’) that I grew this year in the community garden.  Trouble is, I also grew the even more lovely ‘Ladybird Cream Purple Spot’ and now that they’re all finished blooming, I’m collecting seed for next year.  Guess what I didn’t do before all the flowers were spent?

Oh well. I’ll have a fantastic collection of ‘Jewel Ladybird Cream Purple Spot Mix’ for the 2018 gardening season. It will be awesome.

What is your labeling practice in the garden?  And do you grow nasturtiums?  If you do, which cultivars are your favourites?


    • You are fortunate that your nasturtiums bloom so long! They are usually a bit more long-lasting here as well but the weather has been very uncooperative this year…way too hot and no rainfall. I’m actually surprised I am able to collect as much seed as I am getting.

  1. Did you know that one can pickle nasturtiums and have them like capers with fish. I label the envelopes in which I put my seed. However, I must close the envelopes this year as most of the sweet pea seeds rolled through the drawer.


    • I have heard that you can pickle nasturtium seeds – I have never eaten them, though. It’s a wonderful idea. Have you done it?

      I have failed to close my seed envelopes in the past, as well – it’s very annoying when it is tiny seed, like carrots! Hopefully you were able to dig all your sweet pea seeds out for planting.

      • I have pickled nasturtium seeds. I found them quite spicy…I’m not into real spicy foods. I bought capers the other day to try them as I’ve never even tasted them.

        I managed to get the sweet pea seeds out of the drawer and had a nice bunch of sweet pea vines…not that colourful though. My choice seems to be red and pink…I know there was some lavender colour in there too but dang if I can find them.

    • I have seen some lovely copper labels that can be engraved – they are much more permanent than the usual wooden stick and Sharpie efforts that I use to mark my plants and look way more professional. The cost is a bit prohibitive for a large garden, however. In the community garden, I would worry that they would be stolen.

  2. Oh dear. I grew nasturtiums for the first time last year, and they’ve self seeded again throughout the garden. I don’t remember what I planted, but they’re quite lovely (and apparently edible). That said, the nursery had non-edible ones as well, so knot knowing for sure, I’m not even tempted to try. I say mix up the seeds and plant them all. You’ll no doubt have a lovely mix.

  3. My labels always fade (Like Derrick’s) and if they are outside birds and squirrels pull them out and throw them about. I have given up labelling and try to rely on photographs of the border/tub etc. It’s still not good enough.

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