Garden discoveries.


From cutworms to deer…my experience thus far as a member at the community garden near my new home leads me to understand that I have a few different challenges than I did at the “old” place!  We never had to worry about deer at the other community garden (baby jackrabbits sneaking under the fence and vandals, yes, but not deer). I am so surprised that deer would venture out so close to the commuter trains and buses and shops, but let’s just say I won’t get many beans this year.  Oh well.  Next year I will plant the beans in pots and set them on my balcony instead.  Unless the critters have wings, the plants should be safe with that set-up.

A few days ago, when I went over to the community garden to water, I discovered a trio of business cards for a well-known local gym tucked into one corner of my bed, splayed out casually on the top of the soil.  I blinked; was someone trying to tell me something? With the move and job change and all, I admit I haven’t had time to do much walking lately and my hiking trips to the mountains have completely fallen by the wayside.  A quick check of the other beds didn’t reveal any more cards so it seems I was the only target.  I’ve decided not to take it personally.  Indeed, I have to applaud the novel and creative marketing approach, despite its ultimate failure.  😉

The cards got me thinking, however.  While working in your garden, have you ever found anything unusual or interesting, something that seems a bit out of place?  I documented the weirdest (and most dangerous) thing I’ve ever found in this post, and here’s a fascinating link to a list of oddball “garden treasures” for fun and inspiration.


  1. This is such a fun post 🙂 I clicked on ‘Unless the critters have wings,’ which took me to a post or rather signpost showing a deer with wings 🙂 Planting the beans in pots and setting them on the balcony is safe indeed 🙂

  2. This isn’t exactly “garden” related, more like “orchard”. Anyhow, this past week I saw one (or more, they all look alike) deer casually munching peaches off my tree. Last year they got all of them, so I was on the lookout early this year. Most of the peaches were in the almost-ripe stage, so I took advantage of the fact that a huge, long rather than square, box had just delivered some art materials to me and remained available for alternative use. I picked at least 200 peaches off that tree, spread them around in the box, closed it up and waited. Fruit fly trap nearby. The pests are never-ending it seems. Anyhow, peaches ripened, and now, 2 quarts of peach ice cream, 3 quarts of peach jam, and 6 quarts of canned peaches later, I’m done.

  3. I haven’t had to cope with deer either Sheryl, and wish you the best of luck. No odd finds here, except the odd bone or fossil… they say there is an ancient celtic burial site in the field below us so you never know! 😉

  4. I am sure this one is well known…
    the old ring on the carrot story!!
    And yes deer are a real problem on Gabriola island, esp. when many people feed them. They are not afraid at all, and are very bold! I found my rose bush was still alive after 3 years and was babying it, one little bud formed, and the next day, MUNCH! It knew to walk right up to it and eat that little rosebud!

    • I’ve never found a plate in the garden or lawn! Maybe I need a dog to dig one up for me… 🙂 Do hope you’re doing well, I haven’t had a chance to keep up with blogging but I did catch somewhere that you’ve been injured. I hope your recovery is going smoothly.

  5. The cards made me smile! Yep, I’ve found some pretty odd stuff – an ex-helpers left over sandwich and chicken leg buried in the salad patch was luckily found by me and not the fox.

  6. At the little house in the big woods, we have critters aplenty, and a fenced-in backyard, which keeps most of them out. Any chance of fencing in the community gardens. Too expensive?

  7. So, here’s my take on the business cards: everyone received a little pile, and you were the last to find them or they left you a little pile, hoping you would share them. I’m sorry to hear that you have deer in the garden. They’re near impossible to stop, aren’t they? I don’t have any exciting garden finds to report: mostly the odd toy like a marble or plastic toy. One day I hope to find some gold bullion or a key to a treasure chest. If I do, I promise to write a post. 😉

    • I love your take on the business cards – makes me feel better about them, anyway, lol! I keep hoping for gold bullion as well…sigh. I am looking forward to you writing about it when you find your treasure, that’s for sure! 😉

  8. Hmmm…I’ve had a milk crate thrown in, some bamboo stakes, innumerable empty bags and quite a few beer bottles…rabbits, by the way, just love bean plants…Sorry you’ve got deer. They are quite the pest.

    • I’m trying not to think about rabbits…we had so many at the other place, I keep hoping we’re not inundated with them here, in addition to the deer. Oh well, that’s part of gardening, I guess! You’ve had a few garden “treasures”…some of them, like the bamboo stakes, might be usable, even. 🙂

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