Floral notes: September 2016.


Eeep!  I can’t believe it’s mid-September already!

I had a bunch of projects and work to attend to at the end of last month and although I had scheduled a few blog posts during that time, I failed to offer personalized replies to many of your wonderful comments (although I did leave a general message on each entry). I just wanted to let you all know that I really, really appreciate all the feedback on Flowery Prose, and please do keep those comments coming – I love to read your insights and experiences! Going forward, I will strive to be a bit more timely and dedicated to commenting – both here and on all of your amazing blogs!

On to the links…I have a nice eclectic mix for you this month:

Kerry posted this on her blog Love Those “Hands at Home” way back in July but I think these cooler days of late summer/early autumn might be the perfect time to make these amazing balsam pillows – I absolutely love her reuse of vintage linens and I am dreaming about that splendid fragrance….

This post about seed-saving from LifeoftheOriginalHortBabe is very timely for those of us in the northern hemisphere, and full of excellent advice!

Are you trying to get your fall (or spring?) cleaning done, and doing a bit of organizing in your kitchen while you’re at it?  This essay will perhaps make you rethink the necessity of having a perfectly tidy spice cabinet – and it will definitely make you smile!  (Check out Margot’s blog while you’re at it!).

Pure eye candy:  Time-lapse photography of cacti blooming. Love this!

Fun, whimsical flower art:  These drawings by artist Jesuso Ortiz are a mixed-media delight!

This wonderful post about Harvard University’s Ware Collection of Glass Models of Plants is a fantastic read! Don’t miss the links at the very bottom of the entry; you’ll be forwarded to more photos and information about the collection.

Finally…I’m not sure why anyone would outfit a squirrel with a GoPro camera, but if you want to take a breakneck journey through the treetops from a squirrel’s perspective, you can – just click here for the video. As expected, it’s a bit on the dizzying side. Now, if only the little critters would stay in the trees instead of digging up my newly-planted bulbs….

A few add-ons –

Book “reviews” from my other blog The Door is Ajar:

Gillian Flynn – Gone Girl.

Joe Fiorito – Rust is a Form of Fire.

Don Gutteridge – Coming Home.

And my yummy recipe Green Beans with Chervil from Grit.com.

Enjoy the rest of your month!  ♥


  1. Hi Sheryl. Love those cactus blooms especially, and the amazing journey of the squirrel. (Did they speed up the film?!) All in all a great mix of links again, thanks. Enjoy the rest of September!

    • Hi, Cathy – I’m so glad you enjoyed this month’s links! The squirrel video is definitely fun to watch – I had such a laugh when I saw it, it’s just as I imagined it would be. Hope the rest of your September is lovely as well!

  2. How kind of you to link my essay about the Harvard glass flowers. Even with such a well-known attraction, I’ve found there will be people who don’t know anything about it, and it’s fun making the introduction. In the case of the flowers, of course, I was one of those who didn’t know about them, so it was fun for me, too.

    The squirrel cam is an absolute hoot. I had a pet squirrel for eight years, so anything involving squirrels tends to make me smile.

    • I found your post so interesting – I had never heard of the collection before and really enjoyed going through the photos you had included and the links.

      Having a pet squirrel would be so fun – and, I’m sure, a bit of a challenge! They are such bundles of energy!

  3. Well, now that I don’t have to wonder any longer what a squirrel sees as it scampers through the tree tops, I do have to wonder how they got that GoPro on the squirrel in the first place, and how they knew they were ever going to get that expensive piece of equipment back…

  4. Hi, Sheryl–these are great links–I’m pleased you thought my post worthy! I have to say, the cacti blooming is my favorite–I’m a fool for time-lapse photography and those are spectacular!

    • I love your post – I only wish I could sew well enough to make the pillows look as gorgeous as yours. But I think I’m going to adapt them to my rudimentary skills…. 🙂

      I love the cactus time-lapse photos as well – an amazing sight!

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