Alberta snapshot: Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.


The leaves are turning so quickly this year!  (And falling, too). I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise…we had summer-hot weather in April and May, and the whole growing season felt completely accelerated.

Hope you have some time to get outside and enjoy someplace beautiful this weekend!



  1. Hey Sheryl! You are do right – our Summer weather came way too early this year. Hope we get an Indian Summer out of this before our long cold weather comes in. It would be a wonderful time.

  2. Strangely, our fall wildflowers — sunflowers and liatris, mistflower and such — haven’t yet made an appearance. We’ve had such warmth and so much rain that the plants that prefer cooler temperatures and drier conditions seem to be sulking. No matter. There’s plenty of beauty to be seen.

    • It is wonderful to experience all the slow changes…here, it’s usually a much quicker process. Autumn only seems to last for a week or so and then we have snow. Certainly, that appears to be the case again this year.

  3. Beautiful shot, Sheryl. You really are getting an early fall. We keep getting teases of cooler weather and that wonderful, autumn smell. But no we’re in another crazy heatwave, with a new pumpkin on the vine. It’s crazy.

  4. Such a beautiful photo Sheryl! We have only just started to smell the autumn smell here. We had a very cool spring and early summer but the late summer has been gorgeous. I’m hoping for good colour in the leaves soon.

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