Flowery Friday: Forsythia.


The neighbour’s ‘Northern Gold’ forsythia (and all of the others in the city) are still blooming away like crazy, even though they’re now being upstaged by the flowering plums and the nanking cherries and the Mayday trees. This really has been the spring of the forsythia – I’ve never seen them so full of blooms in years past, and I think the length of the flowering time has been slightly extended over previous years. I love that brilliant yellow – it’s a wonderful treat after a winter of no colour –  but I’m not too keen on the shrubs if they’re not kept pruned. The plant in the photograph (incidentally, not the one belonging to my neighbour) is in serious need of a haircut, but I can’t grump when it is showing off like this.

Forsythias?  Yea or nay?


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