Promise: forcing hyacinths.


These hyacinths are stepping out after a three-month stint in the fridge.  I’m positively giddy to see that green!

Do you force bulbs (or corms, tubers etc.) indoors?  Which ones are your favourites?   


  1. Delightful! I don’t force spring bulbs indoors. Although I love them I can’t cope with strong fragrance in the house… except peonies of course. Now of only I could force them! LOL!

    • Fragrance can definitely be an issue for anyone who is sensitive – some of these flowers are seriously scented!

      I agree, it would be wonderful to have peonies flowering indoors in the middle of winter! Sigh….

  2. I haven’t forced bulbs though I have meant to very often. I look at my bulbs in flower in the garden in spring and think ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have early bulbs in the house!’ By the autumn I’ve forgotten all about it and only remember at this time of year. I ought to put a reminder in my diary.

  3. Why did you keep the bulb in the fridge? I know nothing about forcing plants although I have grown most of them…they are so like Spring and in the winter a perk is what we all need.


    • Some bulbs, like hyacinths, need a period of chilling before you force them – otherwise they might not grow and flower properly; they tend to stunt or otherwise deform. I didn’t know this the first time I ever tried to force them, years ago, and I ended up with some pretty strange blooms (and a couple of them didn’t flower at all). If you don’t want to prechill the bulbs (or don’t have time), flowers like paperwhites and amaryllis don’t need that extra step.

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