Alberta snapshot: Cattle at Cross Conservation Area.


A quick shot from a not-snowshoeing trip my hubby and I took on the weekend out to Cross Conservation Area – you can see that our Chinook winds have been doing a fine job of eating all the snow we had earlier in the year.   One fun part of hiking or snowshoeing Cross in the wintertime is that you get to share the land with a huge herd of grazing cattle – but of course it means you have to be extra-careful about where you place your feet!   ;


  1. Well..I did a lot of snowshoe-ing when we lived in Canada, only had to cross the road to enter the forest. But neverever had the pleasure of snowshoe-ing amongst cattle. I can see how that can turn into a somewhat less agreeable affair;0)
    The photo is stunning, what a view!!!

  2. Beautiful views! Are you ever worried to be chased by the herd? They seem fairly casual but I’d sometimes think of that if we were hiking across a field. Can you believe this weather for January? 8 C is forecast for Edmonton today!

    • I know – isn’t this weather absolutely fabulous? Can’t recall a January like this, ever.

      Those cows are pretty placid, they just stand there looking at us with those sweet eyes. I guess it would be a worry if they all decided to gang up on us! 😉

  3. I loved the photo, especially with the cows in it. I love cows and have always wanted to pet one like you do a horse. Don’t think they like that much though. Weather is odd everywhere. Your sky is incredible.

  4. So envious about your snowshoeing trips, even if not this time! I pulled out my snowshoes last year during the one big snow we had and the straps had not survived the years since use.
    What fabulous country you, and the cows, live in!

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