Alberta snapshot: Cross Conservation Area.


“Look up…waaaay up.”

Definitely dating myself here.  Back in the *mumble mumble*ties we had a really sweet children’s program here in Canada (and in some parts of the States) called The Friendly Giant.  In the very special intro to the show (watch here), Friendly, played by Bob Homme, would call the viewers to the castle where he lived with his friends, Rusty the rooster and Jerome the giraffe.  There was always music and a story.  I didn’t realize it until reading about it recently, but apparently much of the show was completely ad-libbed by Homme, and Rod Coneybeare, the puppeteer who worked with Rusty and Jerome.  (You can really see that in the segment of the episode presented in the clip I’ve linked to).  I think it’s a rare Canadian – of a certain vintage, that is! – who looks back on The Friendly Giant without affection.

What were your favourite TV shows as a child? 

And now? 


    • Wasn’t it such a sweet program? – nothing bold or brash about it, just gentle talk and stories and music. I think that’s what was so appealing about it – maybe for parents (and babysitters), too!

      Hope you’re having a wonderful week! 🙂

  1. I love the crystal clear sky in that photo. I miss seeing clear sky but in a few months I’ll be moaning over the heat. That is a beautiful stand of trees. I didn’t watch much television as a child but the very first one I saw after coming to the states for a time, was Howdy Doody. I think I was allowed to watch to help with my English. I loved it.

    • I simply must see if I can find some Captain Kangaroo clips online – that’s one show I never got a chance to watch. We didn’t have cable when I was little and I wonder if it may have been on a channel we didn’t get.

  2. Oh, that is a fun programme. I didn’t have TV when I was little and I don’t watch much now. When my daughter was young we used to enjoy watching Mr Rogers.

  3. Too bad I never saw the friendly Giant, I googled it and I know I would have loved it. My sisters and I watched Floris…about a knight, with castles, combats, etc We would make pointy gothic hats and tied little scarf on it and wear long nighties and than played very convincing damsels in distress in the garden. And Star Trek with Captain Kirk was pure magic and how I wished for the silver boots the space girls often wore. have a great Weekend, Johanna

    • Oh, Floris sounds like a show I would have really enjoyed! I love the fact that you and your sisters played dress up and imagined you were in that world – such a sweet memory of childhood!

      And oh, yes, indeed, Star Trek – it’s funny, I was just thinking about the “Trouble with Tribbles” episode the other day, hadn’t thought about that for years. Loved that one.

      I so agree – those boots were fabulous!

  4. OMG, I remember the Friendly Giant (though, have not thought of it in decades!!!) Was that a Canadian show? Had no idea! So charming! Thanks for the link to a fond childhood memory!!!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed – it was fun to watch that segment, wasn’t it? “Charming” is definitely a great word to describe the show, that’s for sure. I read that it was started in Wisconsin, but was bought by the CBC in Canada in the late 1950s. It ran for nearly thirty years.

  5. I never did see The Friendly Giant growing up. As a little kid I was a big fan of a Japanese show called Gigantor and also Rocky and Bullwinkle. With my kids I enjoyed watching Sesame Street, the Magic Schoolbus, and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. The only TV show we watch now is Downton Abbey, everything else is online.

    • I love the sound of Gigantor! Have to look that up for sure. I was a devoted Sesame Street fan, of course.

      Ah, Downton Abbey! I am terribly late to them…but we have copies of all of the seasons at the library and they’re high on my to-borrow list. Looking forward to them.

      • To this day I remember the Gigantor themes song, which I taught to both my boys:
        Gigantor’s a space age robot
        He’s at your command
        Gigantor’s a space age robot
        His power is in your hands!
        Bigger than big, stronger than strong!
        Ready to fight for right, against wrong!

        What a great show. You can find it on Youtube.

  6. I did not grow up with that show, but loved your clip! Reminded me of Mister Rogers in USA- he seemed to be Mister Rogers of the Castle:-) what a great memory. We had Bozo out of Chicago + Frazier Sunday Classics for black and white movies us kids watched with our parents- Charlie Chan + Sherlock as a kid on Sunday + a bowl of popcorn! I don’t think kids could sit through that today:-) with all their gadgets!

    • Yes, I think both Friendly and Mister Rogers shared a gentle, sweet demeanour. And you’re right – there was something special about those old movies and TV shows and the hours we spent watching them – I don’t think kids today would “get” it. 😉 And it was wonderful to watch with our siblings and parents, too.

      • ” gentle sweet demeanour”- so true! I noticed it in my children + I felt relaxed!
        There were reruns when my kids were young of MIster Rogers + I use to watch them with my children. It always was calming They were never hyper after watching him-can’t say it about the other shows they watched-LOL.

  7. I looked up today as I reclined my seat back in the car while I had a few moments to spare before my appointment. I was amazed to see virtually the same as in your photo–leafless branches reaching toward the heavens. Happy peaceful thoughts!

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