Winter coat: snowy morning.


This morning we’re being treated to the fluffiest snow you can imagine – with flakes this light, it’s more a case of  “float” than “fall.”  I love how the spruce trees by the back step look like they’re covered in white fur.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Do you have any special plans?

39 thoughts on “Winter coat: snowy morning.

      1. our snow blower would not even get through this last round of snow-we had to shovel the top off since it was too deep! Very heavy 14 inches! I love the fluffy white stuff! It is magic:-)

  1. And you seem to have captured that fluffiness in your photo too! Hope you’re keeping warm. It’s still icy and snowy here too – good weather for curling up with a book! Have a good weekend Sheryl!

  2. Beautiful fluffy snow. We haven’t had much snow – mainly sleet and ice YUK! Husband and I have a coffee morning in aid of our church to attend tomorrow and we hope to go for a walk on Sunday afternoon if the weather lets us. Have a good weekend – best wishes, Clare x

    1. There is much to celebrate and enjoy about winter – too often we look at it as a burden to slog through before getting to the warm days of spring and summer. I think we’d all benefit from recapturing the childhood joy and wonder of winter. Have fun on your journey! 🙂

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