Warm thoughts: spring stirrings.

I headed out to Nose Hill and Whispering Woods shortly after sunrise this morning and spent a couple of sun-filled hours meandering on the trails…I am so thankful I had the forethought to put my ice cleats on my boots or I would have had to turn back right at the gate to the Hill.  Even with the extra grip, I was still skidding all over the place.  (Who needs to go out to the mountains for an ice walk experience when there are such excellent opportunities at home?).   😉

Yesterday was humid and cold and so the trees were all caked in frost, but as I walked I could feel the warm air currents slip down into the valleys, and the sunlight quickly burned off the ice.  The aspen were so strongly scented they made me think of spring thaw.   And that’s a very pleasant thought, indeed….



Frost…no frost…. 


Very green aspens in Whispering Woods

IMG_0789Thistles may be annoying, but boy, do they have winter interest! 



    • Thank you!

      You really haven’t had much snow there at all this year…the weather is definitely very strange. It’s been unusually mild here, too. It’s nice to get a bit of fresh snow, always looks so beautiful!

  1. It is so interesting to see how on one side of something, you can have one type of precipitation like that, and on the other half of that very same object, it is totally different. Cool looking! And careful with your walking Sheryl! You don’t want any more back problems. 🙂

    • Falling is definitely not an option! 🙂

      It is really fascinating to see the physical effects of the orientation of the sun – it was really obvious that day.

      Hope you have an amazing long weekend with the family! Enjoy!

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