Margaret Brown Memorial Garden – Calgary.

A walk on a very cool, foggy morning in late August brought me to the Margaret Brown Memorial Garden in the community of Varsity (Calgary).  Really happy I brought the camera along!   🙂






Have a wonderful week!  Do you have any gardening (or other) projects planned?


  1. Lovely photos! Our rain has stopped, just about, so I want to try and get some bulbs planted this coming week. It looks like it should be warm and sunny, so keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. I love that last photo Sheryl, hopefully the tree damage caused by the storm still means you enjoy some spectacular Autumn colours, later in the year.

    • They’re the fluffy seed heads of a clematis of some sort (I believe a Jackmanni, if I remember correctly). Aren’t they neat? It is a very lovely spot, and they have placed some benches there so you can just sit and contemplate.

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