Shooting star.

Shooting star - BCG - 22 May 2014

Shooting star…I call it “superstar!” Dodecatheon conjugens, one of my very favourite blooms in our community garden’s new native plant garden.

Which plants are the stars of your garden right now?

30 thoughts on “Shooting star.

  1. zipcoffelt

    How lovely! I looked it up to see what zones it tolerates, and our zone 6 is right in the middle! I’ll have to look for it.

  2. That’s beautiful Sheryl! The stars in my garden right now are maybe the Nigella flowers…. they seeded themselves last year and have spread nicely!

    1. Nigella is such an attractive plant – I’m hopelessly fond of blue flowers anyway. Do you find that it blooms for a fairly long period of time? I would imagine it takes a bit of a rest when it the weather turns really hot.

      1. They started flowering early May and will go on ALL summer! They can cope with drought, but do get a little frazzled if it’s really hot. They never droop in the heat though. (Not like me! 😉 )

  3. Shooting star is such a wonderful flower. Here we have Doedecatheon maedia, which is white and not quite as dramatic. I’d have to say the star currently is wild columbine, Aquilegia canadensis.

    1. Ah, I was wondering about the white one – someone had reported seeing white ones growing wild further south of here (not sure if they are the same species, will have to do some more digging). Interesting! I have never seen D. maedia offered for sale here.

      Aquilegia canadensis is stunning – and one I ought to add to my own garden. You’ve given me a great idea.

    1. I just went back to take another look at one of your most recent posts ( with all your photos. ‘Patty’s Plum’ is a definite beauty, that’s for sure – I love those huge ruffled petals and that spectacular colour. And your irises are gorgeous, too. Your roses are really coming along as well. I think it will be awhile before the roses bloom here – the weather has been very uncooperative. There was snow all around us yesterday and the day before and overnight temperatures are still very low, freezing in some areas. Very hard on the plants.

          1. I know, and I just took some photos today of the bush it is about 6 feet tall and 5 feet wide after 5 years. It was a twig when I put it in and the bees, butterflies + other pollinators love this bush late spring! I wish I put it in along my fence line:-)

  4. todessakane2013

    Lovely 🙂 We have a variety of beautiful flowers in our garden at present will take a photo and post it for you 🙂

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