Willow catkins.

I have to run to catch up with spring, it seems…it’s all flying by in a blur!  I noticed our neighbour’s flowering plum is starting to bloom, even while a few doors down, there is a forsythia going strong.  The dandelions are threatening to take over the lawn (which makes me wonder why the rabbits choose to eat my liatris instead), and there are a million wild crocuses (Anemone patens)  up on Nose Hill flowering in sync with the golden (buffalo) bean.  The larches and the chokecherries and the aspens just leafed out these past couple of days – everything is that crazy young, glossy green, so bright it’s hard to comprehend.

I found these willow catkins this morning while walking on Nose Hill – what an amazing texture and colour!  You can really see the pollen on a couple of these images.





What are you enjoying most about spring (or autumn, if you live in the southern hemisphere)? 



  1. Our willow is in full leaf and the catkins have dropped already, so it’s rather nice to see your photos to remind me how pretty but shortlived they were this year! I am currently enjoying the blackbirds singing their hearts out. We have a pair nesting in the garden, and they follow us around and sing and chirp all day long. It’s wonderful! Have a good weekend Sheryl!

    • Oh, I do adore bleeding hearts and iris as well! Such beautiful late spring blooms! My bleeding heart seems to have perished over the winter – it is not showing any signs of life. I’ve had it for about five years, and it never thrived where I had planted it; I believe I will get another one and put it in a better location to try again. They are one of my very favourites.

  2. It feels like summer already here in Kansas. The asparagus is done. Glad you’re getting some spring!!

    • Our spring has been so cold here so far…the local asparagus is just coming to market now. But the heat is making it feel a little like summer! Have an enjoyable weekend, hope it’s filled with sunshine!

    • A couple of my favourites as well – I’m especially fond of sweet William. I direct seeded some this year, will see if I get any results. I do have two that I purchased a few years ago, but I think there’s always room for more. 🙂 Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. The lilacs have just hit their peak here. The smell is so wonderful. Otherwise, we’re a little between things. But everything is a beautiful lush green. Sounds like spring has really exploded for you!

  4. You are enjoying spring while we head into summer. Here the roses are blooming, the Iris are almost finished and trees full of foliage. Enjoy your spring while you may!

    • I love your garden year ’round – there is always something delightful growing in it! I’m glad you get to share it with us on your blog, and we can see the seasonal changes. Have a great weekend!

  5. beautiful images, it is wonderful to see spring in Calgary, if only in your photos! my favourite is the crocus flowers on Nose Hill Park. I look forward to following spring through your blog.

  6. So glad that spring has finally sprung for you! And a new header to celebrate too! Here, we are at that wonderful stage, just before summer bursts forth, when all is bud and foliage. The main event is starting to unfold with irises, aquilegias, and oriental poppies, while roses and alliums are waiting in the wings. In the countryside we are enjoying all the white froth that is hawthorn and cow parsley. A hugely exciting time, full of anticipation!

    • Your description of all that beauty is so good I can imagine it all now! I love the idea of the “white froth that is hawthorn and cow parsley” – that’s simply gorgeous. 🙂 And you can grow so many roses there that we cannot – the variety is incredible!

  7. Beautiful pictures. So far I am just enjoying all the green. The azaleas were beautiful earlier and the the pomegranate but the rain knocked most of those blooms off. Today I noticed some of the day lilies are beginning to bloom so I will get to enjoy them for awhile if the rain does not ruin them. This is the 5th straight day of rain. Hugs

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