Crocus and sunshine.

To celebrate the passing of winter and the blissful appearance of bright sunshine and blooming crocus, I’m going to permit myself to undertake an elaborate happy dance and some ebullient shouting.  But I’ll spare you that particular photograph….  😉





Weekly Photo Challenge – May 2 -8 – Spring! 


  1. I’d dance too! Your garden must be happy…fyi the crocus buds in Bowmont Park are up, a few with colour showing!

    • Oh, so good to know…maybe I can get down there before it rains this morning. I was up on Nose Hill a few days ago but couldn’t find any there. Maybe now, however. Thanks tons for the tip! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Your photos of your budding tulips were gorgeous – so nice to see! And your chives are up already! You have much better soil there for growing tulips – I have really heavy clay that doesn’t allow them much of a chance so I no longer plant them. I keep amending, though, and perhaps one day I’ll whip the soil into shape!

  2. I think such a beautiful flower deserves a happy dance! It is only a few weeks since our early spring flowers were out, but it already feels like an age ago.

    • These purple ones are new to me this year – I had the yellows in years previous. (Those are all currently buried under the ever-expanding junipers, so I will have to dig them out and move them this fall). My current mission is to procure some of the “wild” crocuses for my garden…I just found out I can get them from a grower here, so I’ve got to move on that. I didn’t know you didn’t like them! To me, they’re just so special.

  3. Love crocus and really need to plant some this fall. I’m with you on the happy dance for spring for sure. My little grape hyacinths are popping up here in northern New Mexico and my tulips do have buds on them too. Very happy and thanks for visiting my blog

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