Alpine strawberries.

Way back in the summer of 2006, when I was still working in a garden centre, a grower brought me a flat of samples.  I don’t recall what else was in the tray, but I know there was one alpine strawberry plant (Fragaria vesca ‘Alpine’) tucked in there with the rest.  It came home with me and I planted it in a completely forgettable place behind a lilac.  Over the years the lilac has grown and the little strawberry hideaway has gotten a bit tangled with quackgrass (my excuse is that I can’t/won’t reach back there to pull it – I mean, there could be spiders or beetles or something on the lilac and they might get in my hair)…


…but, as strawberries are wont to do given time and space, my single plant has been quietly evolving into a little thicket.

I’m so pleased!  We’re looking at a “bumper” strawberry crop this year!    😉

Do you grow strawberries of any kind?  What are your favourites?


  1. Very cool! You will have a tasty little “treat” one of these days. Whipping cream or some other cream would go nicely with that…just sayin…

    We grew a strawberry plant last year but I am hoping to not make a habit out of it. My hubby’s parents grew them for many years and he got spook board and tired of them. I like strawberries, as does he, but I would rather in some ways, go and purchase another farmer’s strawberries than grow our own. Like the taste, that is for sure.

  2. Your strawberries look great. Our strawberries aren’t doing as well this year as previous years, so I don’t think we’ll have a very good crop. 😦

    • Thank you! I do hope yours perk up…I don’t know if it’s the weather or what this year, but some plants are doing really well and others are suffering. I wonder what the summer will bring.

  3. Great! We have hundreds of them in the rockery and front area…. beware as they spread like mad! That means less weeding though as they are excellent ground cover and easy to remove when necessary, and the first berries are just starting to turn red… They have such a good flavour! Enjoy your harvest this year!

    • Thanks, Cathy! I am looking forward to finally having some strawberries this year (even if it’s only a small handful) – you can’t beat their flavour! I don’t mind if they spread…I have quite a bit of space to cover and they’re such a pretty plant anyway.

      Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. What a lovely happy thing to find. I make a rhubarb/strawberry crumble that is a big hit with anyone who eats it. Will you make jam or just indulge as they ripen?

  5. Very jealous. Our strawberry plants have put on a lot of growth, but no flowers as yet. Not giving up hope yet though!

  6. In Italy, alpine strawberries are the most prized, they like other strawberries are usually served with lemon juice, and a very good combination that is. Christina

  7. I grew some alpine strawberry plants from seed for a garden Club challenge class. I had so many that I edged one raised bed with them! These were reported to be the non spreading type! HA! I now have the task of clipping, pulling clipping to keep them to their rightful place around the bed and not interfering with the tomatoes! Also, they are not very tasty! Clearly the choice f varieites was not the best, but they do look so dear ringing the bed.

    • Oh my, that’s too bad you’ve had so much trouble with them! I don’t think I’d ever be able to keep mine confined to a border…they’d be forever doing what they please. I admire you for keeping up with yours! They’re such pretty plants, they must look wonderful near the tomatoes.

      And that is truly unfortunate about the flavour of your strawberries. I was able to taste a couple of berries from my plants last year and they are incredible – little bursts of deliciousness!

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