Double flowering plums (our “northern cherry blossoms!”).

It’s a bit too cold up here in Alberta to grow the sweet cherry trees you’ll find in warmer climates (we do have gorgeous and delicious hardy sour cherries, however!). We’re not complaining in the least. Especially when the double flowering plums (Prunus triloba ‘Multiplex’) put on a show like they are this spring.


Double flowering plums stopping traffic in front of  Captain John Palliser Elementary School, Calgary, Alberta



Chalk one up for having the perseverance and determination to trudge through that fiendishly long winter!  What a beautiful reward!  🙂


Do you grow cherry trees or double flowering plums?   

*POST UPDATED MAY 2018 to incorporate a title change and a note about sour cherries.



  1. It really is lovely! Amazing how hardy these plants can be when the flowers look so delicate. I have one miniature ornamental cherry – Prunus Incisa Kojo-no-Mai – and despite being tiny, it put on a pretty show too.

  2. I had one lovely shrub at the other house and miss it terribly so I’m thinking of getting some for this house. They are gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful aren’t they! Mine is totally full of buds waiting to blossom. Hoping the strong wind stays away for a few days so we can enjoy the spectacular show.

  4. Dear Flowery Prose,

    Thanks for sharing the link to my post, featuring the cherry blossoms in Brooklyn, New York. Your pictures are very pretty. I’ve never seen flowering plums before. I’m so glad that I followed the “sound” of your ping to your “doorstep”.


  5. What a beautiful tree! I wish I could grow cherries but we have a problem with black knot around here so nothing in the prunus species for me. I have to admire cherry blossoms virtually these days.

  6. I am enjoying the tree blossoms in Bowness. Many years ago I happened to be in Washington, DC at cherry blossom time. It left an indelible memory of the beauty. Literally transformed the city.

  7. We’re just down the street from St Josephs Cathedral on Jasper Ave, they have wonderful flowering trees on the property. I’m not sure if they’re double flowering plum or crab apple but they’re stunning. Putting them on the list.

  8. Sheryl: Thanks for your continuing interest in, Elm Drive Images. Alberta has always been on my bucket list but I’m afraid I won’t make it. TO OLD NOW! SURE DO LOVE THE PICTURES OF IT.

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