Happy crocus day.

What a difference a year makes!  Last year,  I was posting about my first crocus sighting of the year on May 12th, and here we sit, in mid-April, and my favourite Prairie haunt, Nose Hill, is covered in the purple beauties.  Feast your eyes on SPRING!

The horticultural crocuses in my flowerbeds have been blooming for nearly three weeks now.  These are a variety called ‘Easter Egg,’ and I’ve had them for so long that the junipers have clamboured over and around them.  Time to lift the corms this year and move them.   I also have a handful of dark purple snow crocuses, but either the hares or a really bored and troubled garden gnome did them in before I had a chance to get any good photographs of them in bloom.

Are you growing crocuses in your garden this year? 


  1. Ah, my crocuses have come and gone weeks ago now. We had such an early spring down here. (And virtually no winter at all.) I love that photo of the yellow crocuses among the juniper – great contrast! The first photo is amazing – such incredibly fuzzy stems and petals!

    • Thanks so much for the compliments on my photos! It seems that everywhere in North America, the growing season has been jogged just a little bit by the mild winter we all had. It will be interesting to see how summer will turn out – here, we fear a great deal of rain and cold temperatures, which hopefully doesn’t come to fruition. So far, spring has been heavenly and I’m thrilled!

  2. Oh hush you! You with your crocuses and your no snow and stuff. But I do have some tulip leaves above ground right beside the house and what might be some crocus stems poking up beside the house under the dryer vent.

    • I may not have any snow, but you, at least, have tulips! 🙂 The squirrels and the hares have ensured that tulips are a total no-go for me!

      • Yeah, those hares are a pain. They seem to kill all your best flowers. I try not to think about the critters when I daydream about my future Nova Scotia garden. We are in the country there and surrounded by trees. Though the year we bought it there were some daffodils growing wild.

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