Garlic going on.

The garlic is just starting to emerge in my community garden plot. This is fall-planted hardneck; the bulbs were saved from garlic I had planted in 2019 and harvested late last summer.

Every spring I think to myself, why didn’t I plant even more? 

Do you grow garlic?


  1. I started out with one hard neck bulb a friend gave me, which probably had 4 or 5 cloves on it. That was a few years ago. Each year I would eat half the harvest and replant the other half. This year I have 45 plants growing which will be ready probably in July. Right now they are about 18 inches high but will double that by July. This is the first time they have gotten this tall this early. I’m in Michigan so it not like they’ve been thriving in a warm climate! I use a lot of garlic because every summer I make a couple quarts of pesto with the basil I also grow.

  2. Hi Sheryl. My husband plants garlic and enjoys using it in our dishes. I prefer just getting a clove or two as needed from the grocery store rather than planting it. Just a personal preference. He plants one or two plants I think, just so that he has enough for the winter and spring. 🙂

  3. I had a message from Gaye K. – I hope she catches it here as her email bounced as undeliverable when I responded privately. I’m not sure where she is from, but if she’s in Calgary, Venus flytrap plants may be purchased at greengate Garden Centres in their houseplant department, and I have seen them at Spruce It Up in the past. I’m sorry for not being able to reach you via email, Gaye!

  4. Hi Sheryl thanks for your nice Garlic going on post. Here you mention Do you grow garlic? in this article. I really support this point but I don’t grow garlic. Thanks again.

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