‘Lollo Rosso’ lettuce.

I’m growing ‘Lollo Rosso’ lettuce in a container on my balcony this year – I’m very pleased with this one so far! It has resisted bolting and is a tasty and beautiful coral type for cut-and-come again harvests.

What are your favourite cultivars/types of lettuce to grow?


  1. Hi Sheryl. We like to grow arugula, romaine, the Lollo Rosso mix you mentioned (which I believe is similar to the “4 living lettuce” variety that is brought in store with its root attached. We love all of these types. My hubby also likes buttercrunch lettuce.

    • I have never grown the Bibb-style lettuces like buttercrunch, but I definitely love eating them! I’ll have to put one on my list for next year. The four variety living lettuce in the grocery stores is four different cultivars of leaf lettuce grouped together – they are so pretty and I try to buy them in the winter whenever I can! I love that we can get provincially-grown lettuce in the stores now. ‘Lollo Rosso’ is different from those in that this is just one cultivar, not a mix – and it has all those different colours in the leaves. So pretty!

  2. Oh, I do not grow lettuce anymore. I am not far from the Salinas Valley, where most lettuce comes from, but can not grow it in my own garden. I tried some this year, and it might have done well, but I could not water it enough when I returned to work.

  3. Lettuces are cool weather crops for us, that I plant in early fall and spring. Some of my favorites are arugula, red sails, black seeded simpson, spinach or any other kinds of seeds from the nursery.

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