Larch trees in autumn.


It’s easy to see why I adore larch trees, particularly in autumn.

And yes, that is snow in the background! We’ve had two significant snow storms in Calgary since September 29th. The first one dumped 31 centimetres (12.2 inches) of the white stuff on us (which, amazingly, wasn’t a record, although it was close).  More snow is expected early next week so I had better try to get my garlic planted in the next few days!


  1. I really like this photo. I’ve often seen photos of larch trees from a distance, to capture that beautiful color, but I do believe this is the first time I’ve seen a closeup. It’s so lovely.

  2. Twelve inches of snow in September seems wrong on so many levels. Clearly, you’re a seasoned Canadian who takes it in stride. I hope the garlic is in. It’s nice to know it will grow and thrive under the cover of winter snow.

  3. Wonderful photo! Reminded me that I needed to go take some close up photos of my larch. I’ve only taken ‘whole tree’ photos so far.
    We’re just a bit north of Calgary and got a bit less snow than you. I was out today doing some last minute gardening things – heavy mulch on the roses and scatter various seeds onto larger areas. I’m ready for winter!

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