‘Algonquin’ pumpkin.


I’m a newbie pumpkin grower (I grew them once, years ago, with mixed results) and so I’m rather proud of these little ‘Algonquin’ plants that have – so far – weathered extreme heat and hail and powdery mildew.  I am anxious for the fruit to ripen before frost hits. Last night, our temperature dropped to a brisk 4 degrees Celsius (39.2 degrees Fahrenheit), so I’m feeling a tad worried about the number of frost-free days left in this growing season.  ‘Algonquin’ is a heritage cultivar, and the fruit is quite small and elongated, not round.  You can check out a photo and description here.

Do you grow pumpkins? 

Recipe: Lime and chili roasted pumpkin seeds.  


  1. I don’t have the space for pumpkins here but would love them. Your’s is so cute peeking out there. Frost, I would love a bit of frost. 🙂 It’s been the hottest summer so far and the smokiest. Fires in every direction so no matter which way the wind blows, we get smoke. Oh, for some rain. 😉

  2. I do hope you get to harvest it. I grew pumpkins last year. A total of 5. Someone stole two of them, when they were still green. 😦 So I guess they looked pretty good.

  3. What a cute variety, Sheryl. I’m glad it’s surviving and thriving against the odds. One year I had late-season, self seeded pumpkins, that I surrounded with a plastic tarp. It kept them warm overnight and allowed the fruit to grow a bit longer. I guess you would call it a cold frame.

    I do indeed grow pumpkins here, and with our California weather, they’re effortless *unless* we get squash bugs. They’re nasty, hard to remove and usually destroy all the fruit. I’m glad they haven’t found your pumpkins. Best of luck. Sending orange wishes your way.

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