National Poinsettia Day.


Apparently, it is National Poinsettia Day in the United States. I don’t have a poinsettia this year, although I love them. It’s been so cold here that transporting one from the garden centre to home might completely do it in before I even had a chance to enjoy it. Arctic air masses that lounge around for days and days on end are not fun for anyone, and especially not if you’re from the tropics, as this plant is. Which is also perhaps why it is not National Poinsettia Day here in Canada – we’ve established that temperatures in the minus mid-to-high twenties (that’s Celsius!) are not ideal for such a celebration. Really, for any celebration. Except one involving hot chocolate and Irish cream and a warm fireplace.

Even if we don’t have a special day to honour poinsettias here in the frozen north, I can still share a fascinating bit of information: did you know that the dense, multi-branching habit and stunted growth of our holiday poinsettias results from infection by a type of pathogen?  This article has more information about how it works.*  And here is another for further perusal.  Enjoy the reads – I’m off to petition the government to make National Hot Chocolate and Irish Cream and Warm Fireplace Day a reality.

Are poinsettias part of your holiday celebrations?  What colour is your favourite?  And have you ever seen a poinsettia in tree form?  (I haven’t).  

*UPDATED: I managed to track down a photo of a “wild” poinsettia, as the photo in the first link isn’t accurate – take a look here.


  1. Happy chocolate and Irish Cream Day! I like them too (up till Jan 1st) but don’t have mine yet either. I followed that link but I don’t think their pic of a tree poinsettia is that at all but a Poinciana (Delonix regia). I admit that I like all the fancy colours of poinsettia but when I buy a pink or white one I always rush out to buy a red one as well – the red ones are Christmas really.

  2. Clicked on the link. Holy guacamole! Those are some poinsettias! Even though it’s too cold for tropical plants, I hope you enjoy the hot cocoa, Irish cream, and cozy fires.

  3. I think Hot Chocolate and Irish Cream Day sounds like a wonderful idea! Yes, I have just a small red Poinsettia this year. But a friend bought a white one which was really pretty too. 🙂

  4. I love to see poinsettia’s but don’t buy them anymore. No room and no good light. Kept one alive in my apartment for 2 seasons a couple of years ago. Even bought some fake plants but they got lost in all the moves. I’ve learned something new about them today. Thank you for sharing that tidbit. I do not envy you the cold you have there. Just hoping my heat pump can keep up with what we have been having and expect to get which is nothing like you have. Mostly ice and freezing rain.

  5. As my moms´s birthday is end of November, she always gets Christmas stars, as we call this plant in German. I like the red ones, without glitter and other stuff. On Tenerife (Canary Island) I have seen big plants on many places.

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