Flowery Friday: ‘Autumn Joy’ sedum (Hylotelephium).


‘Autumn Joy’, indeed.  As always, I am delighted by this ubiquitous Sedum (I mean Hylotelephium) – it is seriously the very last plant blooming in my garden, bravely weathering multiple heavy frosts and more than one snowfall.  But this might actually be it for the year.

Do you grow any Sedum spp. (ahem, Hylotelephium)?


  1. Yes, I love Sedums. The first things to show shoots in spring and the last to go in the autumn! Can’t get my tongue around the new name yet though… I am still struggling with asters – symphy something or other…..?!

    • LOL I’m not sure why these new names have to be so difficult – I have to check the spelling a million times, and then there’s the pronunciation…. 😉 I was just visiting your blog and spotted your fantastic Hallowe’en arrangement – beautifully done!

  2. I really like them as well. I have a couple that I planted this year called Blue Pearl (apparently, I liked them so much in the catalogue that I bought them twice. LOL) and one growing in my raised bed by the garage that just showed up, kind of like the lady’s mantle. It has pink flowers and is quite pretty but I don’t know what kind it is.

    • They’ve undergone a name change…unfortunately, the new one is long and cumbersome. 😦

      I love the fact that there are so many different cultivars – I think I have to add a few more in my garden next year!

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