Flowery Friday: alsike clover.


I’m doing a Flowery Friday Flashback to mid-June and a stormy day at Swan Lake, in northern Alberta.  Clover has one of those reputations: depending on who you ask, it’s either an abominable ghastly weed or a valuable pollinator plant/nitrogen fixer/Very Good Thing.

This is alsike clover (Trifolium hybridum), and it looks pretty spectacular dressed up with rain drops and just the right light.  I always mistakenly thought that alsike clover was a cross between red (T. pratense) and white clover (T. repens), but it’s not, in spite of the misleading name and the combination of red and white colour in the flowers.


    • Absolutely! It’s so nice that you don’t have to worry about a bit of clover in the lawn…I spoke with a homeowner early last spring who wanted to plant white clover in his urban lawn (with the idea that it would eventually pretty much replace his grass lawn) and he was a bit worried about what his neighbours would think. It’s too bad growing “alternative” lawns isn’t widely encouraged here yet.

  1. Clover is beautiful! I leave it in my “lawn”. The bees love it! There is a bunny who comes out from the forest behind us during the summer to snack on the clover. He never goes for the veggies, probably because of the clover and dandelions. He also loves alstroemeria! Great photo!

    • I bet it does! 🙂 I didn’t even know that “snow” was falling on here – it doesn’t show up on my end. I went in and turned it off – hopefully it’s not doing it anymore.

      Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. You can put me down in the “like” column. I planted a clover that grows as a ground cover years ago, and smile at all the places it pops up year after year. What I didn’t know was that it is such a valuable pollinator. That bit of news makes me a happy gardener.

    Beautiful photo, Sheryl.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Generally, I’m not a fan of clover in my yard but you’ve shown it in such a gorgeous composition I shall rethink that the next time I bend down to pull it out of my gravel 😀

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