Cold front: spring stirrings.

There’s a cold front moving in tonight, with snow in the forecast…the clouds and the wind were definitely letting me know about it as I walked on Nose Hill this afternoon.



The garden is waking up with all of this warm weather we’ve been having, but I’m not ready just yet.  That sounds funny coming from a gardener, but the timing isn’t right and I’m in no rush.  Better to let sleeping ladybugs lie.  😉   Things will happen in their own time – but this bit of green certainly made me smile.



  1. Oh I know what you mean….I can’t help but smile at the green peeking through the snow. Daffodils! I can’t wait to see their color. We had an ice storm, then some snow on top of that that left me stranded in my home for almost a week! What will your green buds be?

  2. I understand you completely! Two years ago we had a very long cold winter. At the end of February we had a milder couple of weeks and all the plants woke up and started sprouting leaves. The cold and ice returned in March and I lost so many plants right at the end of the winter. So sad! I hope you don’t get too much snow this time.

  3. Early springs are wonderful but I never trust them so don’t plant any earlier……It is nice to see the ground and green plants popping up.We are buried in snow here in Massachusetts. Happy Gardening!

    • It’s true…I’m definitely not getting anxious about planting. We typically have to wait until May for the weather to stabilize. You sure have gotten a lot of the white stuff there – I hope your weather will get better very soon!

  4. I really love your second photo with the wheat blown down and the mountains in the distance, so typically southern Alberta but so beautify shot. Nice to enjoy some reprieve this weekend on the weather front. Feels good in the sun. Our yard is still filled with snow, all be it, a lot less than before. Nothings peeking out yet though.

      • Thanks Sheryl, I sure hope things will be springing to life there. They just endured a massive snow storm on the weekend. Perhaps it melts faster, let’s hope!

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