Pincushion flower and bee.

Bee Scabiosa

I meant to post this photo ages ago…I’m hoping to pick the brains of anyone who is interested in/an expert regarding/wants to wildly speculate about bees to get an ID for this little one I found on a fading scabiosa bloom in my garden.  I took this image on a chilly morning in late August and the bee seemed awfully cold – it sure wasn’t moving much.

I just can’t resist pincushion flowers (mine is Scabiosa caucasica ‘Perfecta’) – the structure of the blooms is remarkable and the pollinators adore them.  I am determined to add a few more hardy types to my perennial beds over the next couple of years.  Do you grow Scabiosa? 


  1. Awww, poor fellow to be so cold. I haven’t grown Scabiosa but I really love them too. Alys featured her’s as well at some point last summer. I prefer their common name so much more. Did you grow yours from seed? Or did the garden center have a pot? We’re having 10 degree’s today ! Isn’t that wild for our part of the country? Global tell’s of darkening shadows on the horizons (ha, channelling our long past weather man Bill there).

    • I agree – the common name is not as harsh-sounding as Scabiosa, which totally fails to roll prettily off the tongue! I purchased mine as a transplant really late in the season – it was calling to me, LOL.

      Hopefully you’re staying warm there in the north (this will be your first winter in the new house, how wonderful!). I’ve been finding the wind chills to be a bit of a shock to the system the past couple of days. Must acclimatize! 🙂

      • I was out for only an hour yesterday to wrap a couple of trees with Xmas lights and it wasn’t too bad until the sun disappeared behind the grey clouds. Yes, the wind is unrelenting. Inside we’re enjoying the fireplace tonight, so that’s a nice thing about cold weather, LOL

  2. Hi Sheryl, it is a bit hard to see but since your little fellow is indeed very hairy, on his own and seems to be a little rotund…I would say it is a bumble bee, probaby a Western one. Bumblebeees are also more slow in movement and can deal a little better with the cold. That gives an advantage to the bees: able to get to the nectar a little sooner in the day and season because of that. I love bumblebees, I always called my youngest when he was a wee lad, my little Bumblebee;0)

    • I was thinking that too, because of the hair…but I’m used to the really big bumbles, and I wasn’t sure. But it does really look like the photo at the link you sent – I think you are probably right! Truly amazing creatures – I read one time about how the queens get through our crazy cold winters, it is astonishing.

      The nickname for your son when he was a child is so sweet, made me smile! 🙂

  3. I love scabious and grow a beautiful dark red wine-coloured scabiosa caucasia . The bees love it and it flowers all summer. I still have a few poor flowers on it now. It has become enormous and I must divide it up some time.

  4. Hi Sheryl, that is sure an interesting flower, I never read or heard about it before. It is amazing how you can find always these interesting things to photograph.



  5. I gather the scabiosa (sounds like a spell from Harry Potter) is a perennial. I like the colours clarepooley33 has with her scabiosa caucasia. Deep colours are my thing. The poor little is a hairy guy or I’m just not used to seeing bees up close.


    • I love that – it does indeed sound like a spell from Harry Potter! 🙂

      Yes, it is a perennial – have to select only the hardy ones here, though! I’d love to get some others in different colours – that red one is a delight, isn’t it?

  6. We have the same plant at our cabin. I noticed it was still looking nice with flowers last Wednesday. A very rugged plant. This is my first year growing it. It wasn’t planned, the plant was just super cheap at Canadian Tire.

  7. What a great picture sweet Sheryl. I have never seen this kind of flower nor have I ever seen a bee quite like that one. I found the picture very interesting and wondered if the bee had decided to take a nap. Hugs

    • I was wondering the same thing myself – the little one wasn’t very active. I was a bit worried for it, actually – but I noticed later in the day that it had moved on.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🙂

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