Alberta Snapshot: Flying deer.

Winged deer sign - Bragg Creek - 8 April 2014

I checked in the library’s copy of Mammals of Alberta and couldn’t find this particular ungulate listed in the family Cervidae.  After my hubby took this photo near Bragg Creek, we stuck around for awhile to see if one of these amazing beasts would fly out from the underbrush, but none appeared and we eventually drove home to grab a bite to eat.


Okay, I have to know – what strange or interesting road signs have you seen lately?

Have a fun and enjoyable weekend!  Hope the sun is shining for you! 


  1. That’s such a cool sign! Maybe they’re expecting reindeer to fly by around Christmastime… LOL! It’s raining and windy here, but the rain is giving our new grass seed a good head start for summer, so we’re not complaining! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    • LOL, that could be it – reindeer! And with all the snow we’ve had…and the fact that Bragg Creek is in the mountains, that seems rather appropriate! 🙂

      You’ll have the lushest, greenest lawn around pretty soon! We’re supposed to get some rain here, too, starting tonight. I’m just so happy it’s not snow, for once!

      Enjoy your weekend!

  2. The only sign I’ve seen recently was a syntax nightmare that said “Re-Grand Opening.” I laughed and then spent a week explaining to folks why it was funny. I’d much rather have seen flying deer.

    • Oh, that is too funny – both the sign and the fact that you had to explain it (even though that part may have been a bit of a pain by the end). I’ve seen absolutely atrocious spelling on some advertising signs – but it’s good for a giggle!

  3. How lovely an image… I haven’t seen any odd signs for a while, but a few years ago it was a sweltering summer’s day and we saw a roadsign for snow! It had clearly been left over from winter and not cleared away. (Or maybe it was a joke?!) It’s damp and dismal here today, but summer’s supposed to be coming next week… Have a great weekend Sheryl. 😀

    • I didn’t think of “Harry Potter”! No, they didn’t do any filming around here (too bad – I think a lot of people would have wanted to be extras on those film projects!). But maybe a fan of the books/films had a hand in making the sign? That might explain it….

    • When I was writing this post, I did a quick search for “winged deer” and “flying deer” signs and there are a few photos of them posted from around the world. I didn’t find one from France, though – but now I know at least one exists there. Thank you! That’s really interesting! 🙂

  4. That’s so fun! The only different signs I see are ones for moose. I always whip my camera out, just in case, but I’ve never seen one.

    • Moose are so hard to photograph! I hardly ever see them – and when I do, I never seem to have my camera! I love them – they are amazing, beautiful creatures. We have the moose signs here, too, mostly in the north.

  5. Too bad the deer don’t really have wings. Then they could just fly over the road instead of jumping out into the middle of it on a dark night and scaring the bejesus out of both of us.

  6. hahaha! I’ve never seen anything even remotely this creative in a road sign. In fact, sometimes they get “too creative” and I don’t know what they mean. This indeed is brilliant–and fun. 🙂

  7. So glad you stopped to photograph this sign. How fun!
    I stopped on a ride one time and took a picture of the sign in front of a Southern Baptist Church that said “stop, drop, and roll won’t work in hell”.
    Cracked me up!

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