Rhubarb and a garden update.

The very act of writing it down might jinx it, but…it looks like we’ll be snow-free this week!  No white stuff in the forecast, for once!  I’m massively excited about that – it means maybe, just maybe, I can get a bit more work done in the garden.

In between snarly springtime bouts of rain and snow and sunshine last week, I finally cut back all the perennials, and dug in some of the leaf litter.  I removed a fair amount of leaves as well – there are several green ash trees and poplars nearby so you can imagine the quantity I’m dealing with.  I sidedressed the existing plants with new soil and compost (including some of the castings my vermicomposting worms had busily created over the winter). Hopefully I’ll have enough time after work this week to get the edging started – not my favourite job (is it anyone’s?), but it always looks so nice afterwards.

Now I just have to wait for the end of the overnight frosts (June?) to get down to a garden centre and do some serious plant shopping.  (Note to Hubby:  you don’t see that word “serious” in there.  I’m really only going to pick up “a couple of things”).   😉

Over in the community garden, I’m delighted to report that the building of the hoop tunnel that I had blathered on about last year actually took place a couple of days ago.  Better late than never or something like that.   (I’ll post a photo later this week).  The community gardening group held its spring clean up event on Saturday – it was so muddy we risked compacting the soil in the perimeter beds, and so cold very few weeds had popped up to pull (which I’m totally not complaining about).  We focussed our attention on other tasks instead, and I’m fairly certain we may now have the cleanest garden shed in the province….

I was so happy to see that the rhubarb in the community garden is starting to emerge.  We are currently splitting the produce from one plant between 30 garden members, so we each average a haul of about two stalks per season.  I already have plans for mine:  Special Rhubarb Cake.  It seems like a must-try, don’t you think?  Or do you have another favourite rhubarb recipe to recommend?



  1. Wish our snow was gone. We just had a May snowstorm and now two nights of frost. Hard to believe it was 80 degrees a few days ago. I LOVE rhubarb and my favorite recipe is rhubarb crumble. My mout is watering just thinking about it.

    • Oh no…still snow and frost! I hope that the weather stabilized a bit more this week for you. We’re now facing a weekend of heavy rain; there’s even a rainfall warning for the mountains west of us.

      Mmmm…rhubarb crumble! I could use a slice of that right now! 🙂

    • Oh yes, I remember when you posted this recipe and I had meant to bookmark it then…now I have! I’m eager to try it – it’s a combination I wouldn’t automatically think of, but it looks supremely delicious!

    • Thank you, Christina! The forecast was right for the week…but now it looks like we’re in for a deluge of cold rain. I did manage to get out and put a few seeds in, but the rest will have to wait for a drier, warmer day. Have a wonderful weekend – hope you’re getting some lovely sunshine!

  2. Let’s hope that’s an end to the winter weather and you can get out in your garden! The rhubarb looks amazing like that! I’m scouring your comments for ideas for my rapidly enlarging rhubarb plant.

  3. What a lot you’re getting done, even without good weather! That business of cleaning up after winter and prepping for spring planting seems endless, doesn’t it? But then, bingo! everything will look fabulous! Hope it comes sooner than later for you!

  4. I’m so glad that you can finally get working in the garden, rhubarb crumble is my favorite 🙂

  5. That cake looks delicious. I think I’ll be trying it! My rhubarb has been growing like gangbusters this year so I have an abundance to deal with. It seems to,have really liked the weather we’ve had. Glad your winter is coming to an end. And what is it about husbands thinking we always buy too many plants?

    • An abundance of rhubarb is always a really delightful thing to have! 🙂 Let me know if you try the cake and like it – I’m really keen on making one myself.

      LOL I keep trying to tell my hubby there’s no such thing as too many plants, that there’s always room for one more, but for some reason, he doesn’t believe me…. I’ll keep working on him! 😉

      Have a fabulous weekend – hope it’s warm and sunny!

  6. I love those early crinkly leaves on rhubarb. I cut the stalks into 1″ pieces and mix it with strawberry jello. I’m the only one in our house who likes rhubarb, so it is just for me. Jane

    • Oh that sounds absolutely yummy! I think that’s a must-try, for sure. My hubby and I are both big Jello fans, and the addition of rhubarb is a perfect match. Thanks tons for sharing! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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