Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – August 2013.

What a difference a month makes! We’ve finally gotten some warmth and sunshine here in Calgary, and my garden is actually looking a little bit parched right now (hard to believe after the flooding in June). There are still some blooms to share, however – here are a few I managed to get photos of today!

Click on over to May Dreams Gardens to join in the fun!  Thanks so much to Carol for hosting!


One of the oldest perennials in my flowerbeds, this Alaska Shasta daisy (Leucanthemum superbum ‘Alaska’) was planted in 2004, the year I began gardening on this site.  I divided it last year and its progeny is doing very well!


Another of the verbena Quartz Mix that I showed you last month; a different colour this time, though!  My verbenas still haven’t completely recovered from the Feasting of the Hares this year and, despite my adoration for them, they’re now on my list of plants to avoid in the future.


For anyone who regularly follows my blog, this Scabiosa caucasica ‘Perfecta’ will be familiar…I can’t get enough of its unusual blooms.  I think I need to plant more of them.  🙂   I didn’t notice it when I snapped the photo, but there seems to be a tiny green(?) insect taking up residency in this particular flower.  I can’t tell exactly what it is, though…friend or foe?


Borage!  A favourite of mine…although I have to share it with the bees….  I have several of these growing in my community garden plot.  I usually just throw the flowers (and the tender young leaves) in salads, but someone told me the other day that you can chop up the mature leaves and cook them like spinach.  Has anyone else tried that?  I may give it a go!


My lady’s mantle (Alchemilla mollis) is past its peak and looking a tad haggard, but I’m always amazed at how long they bloom!  I put in another one this year…and I’m still on the lookout for the alpine variety.


This is one of my (nearly finished blooming but still doing enough to qualify) thymes.  I have a few old plants and I have no idea which one is which.  Any ideas about ID for this one?


I love marigolds, and the Tagetes patula (‘Bonita’ mix) that I grew from seed are cheerful and summer-bright!  Do you grow marigolds?


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Enjoy the rest of your week!   🙂


  1. Lovely pictures. It looks like your garden is doing very well.

    I also grow marigolds but I am a little mean to them as I chop off their heads (flowers! LOL!) when they are in full bloom to use for natural dyeing.

      • I have marigolds growing at the cabin and at Pender specifically for dyeing. My ones at home got hailed out.

        I have planted a coreopis (Spelling?) this year which will hopefully be big enough next year to have lots of flowers for dyeing. I also have a rose bush and many peony plants which are great for eco printing, plus delphinium. A eucalyptus is on my wish list for Pender, but I will need to also build a deer proofed enclosure, so a big project. My arbutus on Pender is worlds biggest dye plant at over 50 feet tall, I spend a lot of time gathering bark off the ground when tree sheds it, I am sure my neighbors think I am not quite all there in my mind.

        Right now I am mostly roaming the ditches gathering goldenrod and tansy…..glamorous I know! LOL!

    • Awesome! Thanks so much for sending me your link, Cathy – I’m going to try it this week! I have a whole bunch of veggies to use from my CSA share and they’ll make a great stir-fry with the borage leaves! Looking forward to it. 🙂

  2. It all looks awesome, I guess you might have been baking down there the past couple of days too. I’m glad we are getting back to 22 C by Sunday. I never planted marigolds because the slugs loved them and they’re just too eecky when the leave black poo on them but I adore the lavender Scabiosa caucasica. Is it sometimes called ‘Pincushion flower’? Looks familiar.

    • You’re right that Scabiosa is also called pincushion flower – such an apt name, I think! 🙂

      Oh, I do hope the slugs won’t go after my marigolds; they seem to be enjoying everything else in my veggie plot. Yuck.

      I hope you’re enjoying your summer! I loved your last post about the music festival, what great fun.

      • We are enjoying summer, thanks. We got a BIG boomer and hail storm here yesterday, mid-day. Every time it rains, it’s torrential. Weird weather. Thanks for reading the festival post, it had been forever since we’d done something like that. Felt like an old-timer 😀

  3. I love the blue of that borage, plus the fact that it’s such a hairy plant (I guess I identify with that). Scabiosa is a wonderful flower, and I really prefer the blue to the pink.

  4. The pastel colors of the first flowers is so lovely…miss those colors and flowers…good to hear your garden and weather are coming along…I added borage to the veg beds and the bees love it…I love all the pollination and veggies.

    • Thanks so much, Donna! I had never planted borage until last year, but I know it will now be a staple in the veggie plot!

      I’m so behind in my reading (and catching up on comments) – I hope I’ll get a chance this week. I always look forward to all of your posts!

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