Redleaf rose.


While walking home from minding my plot at the community garden a couple of days ago, I came across this redleaf rose (Rosa rubrifolia, syn. R. glauca) growing in a nearby schoolyard. It reminded me of when we used to bring roses into the garden centre – we’d always order a few redleaf roses alongside all of the showier Mordens and Explorers and rugosas, but the customers were never thrilled about the “wild”-looking redleaf rose flowers. I tried to sell everyone on the foliage instead, but few people bit. I love them BECAUSE they look a little like our wild roses (Rosa acicularis and R. woodsii – see photos here).  If I owned a house and had the room to actually plant full size (read: large and slightly rambling) roses, a redleaf or two would definitely have a place.

What do you think of redleaf roses? Are you a fan, or are they not really your cup of tea?

Have a super-enjoyable weekend!  What are your plans – gardening or otherwise?  I’ve already done a pile of weeding this morning, but there’s still a frightening amount yet to tackle, and more rain in the forecast…. 


  1. Yes, I love Rosa glauca too, especially for her blue foliage and the lovely single pink small flowers. I also have this rose in my garden together with the Old French roses, Austin roses and other botanical roses.

  2. They are very pretty – not sure if I’ve seen them here. I like the wild roses, they smell so lovely. Looks like I’ll have to water my garden this weekend. I normally don’t water at all, but we’ve had two weeks with fairly strong winds and no rain. Wish I could swap with you for a week…. isn’t that crazy?!

    • It cleared up again this afternoon and we had sunshine, yay! Now, if only it will last…. 🙂 We’re starting to get all the humidity-related pests and diseases…shudder. I was in communication with a lady this evening who has slime moulds growing in her flowerbeds, ewww. I think if you and I swapped, I would be getting the better end of the deal with your heat and wind! 🙂 You have such a large property – how do you manage to water it all? It must be a lot of work!

  3. I love the ‘wilder’ side of roses. Especially if they have fragrance. I am guessing that this rose would actually make a very nice cup of tea 🙂

  4. I have never seen these roses…I like them. I am hoping to take a machete into my rain forest in the tropics here and chop out some weeds…every weekend I am beaten back and they take more control.

    • Has it finally stopped raining there? You must be getting a bit discouraged with the weather! I know I feel like a little heat and sun for a week or so would be more than welcome – this humidity is very unusual here. Good luck with your weeding! Have a fantastic weekend! 🙂

  5. I love red leaf rose and had two in my former garden. Unfortunately there isn’t room for one in my new garden – they get huge, in fact my neighbour asked me what kind of tree it was! I think Rosa glauca should be marketed as a shrub with gorgeous foliage rather than a rose.

    • It’s true – the one I photographed was about 6 1/2 feet tall and at least 4 feet wide and I’m not certain how old it is. That may be another reason why people are reluctant to try them out…you definitely need space!

  6. I love Ros glauca for its beautiful foliage and for. The hips that follow after the flowers. The foliage is always very healthy too, and more pink than red.

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