“Sprinter” interest: Amur chokecherry.

Amur chokecherry FP

I’ve admired the beautiful bronze bark of this Amur chokecherry (Prunus maackii) since I discovered it and three companions a couple months ago on a site near my workplace.  I will be even more impressed once the trees start blooming….

I only have to wait for a couple more weeks, right?  😉  I had to laugh when I heard the season humorously referred to as “Sprinter” – that seems so perfectly apt!  More snow expected here this weekend….

Do you grow chokecherries or any other Prunus species?  Which ones are your favourites?


  1. I heard that forecast and refused to acknowledge it. I’m mean, it’s verging on the ridiculous now. I’ve never been lucky enough to plant a flowing tree. Our front your faced an open lake with harsh winter wind and the back was too small for a large tree. I did however have several lilacs (white and mauve) and I think they’re so hardy for our climate.

    • Lilacs are definitely fabulous! There is a hedge of lilacs a block away from our apartment and they are simply stunning when they’re all in bloom.

      You must be getting so excited for your trip south! 🙂

      • I’d be over at their hedge with the snippers (after ok’ing it of course). Yes, thanks we’re more than ready, I’m sure all the spring trees there will be stunning. 😀

  2. Yes, we have an ornamental Choke Cherry tree that we just planted last year, so we will maybe have to wait a little while for it to look “mature” but we are hoping for the best with it. You never know how they will stay over the winter, but hopefully not too bad.

    • Chokecherries are pretty tough, so yours will probably be okay! What type did you get – is it a ‘Schubert’? I rather like them; when the landlord took the poplar trees out of our yard, they replaced them with ‘Schuberts’ and they are quite lovely. I hope your chokecherry does well for you!

  3. I looked at pictures I took of a redbud tree last winter on March 24. The picture I took this year of the tree at the same stage was taken 4/15 – spring here was a full three weeks later than last year. We have Virginia Chokecherry trees here that are native to our area.

    • I hope it will settle down for you soon! It’s getting awfully tiring! I was away over the weekend and the weather seems to have improved somewhat here…although I’m sure it will change again in a few minutes! 😉

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