Drifting, dreaming.

No way.

I’m not going to do it.

I’m not going to mention the fact that it’s been snowing on and off since September.

I’m not going to consider the notion that it will be another FIVE months until we can even think about getting back into the garden.

I’m not going to whine about the lack of tropical vacation in my immediate future.

Nosiree, I’m just going to take my mug of hot cocoa and browse over photographs from the summer. And here are some I thought I would share with you – I took these in August. The landscapers at this apartment complex in a neighbouring community really did a super job of these drift plantings of (mostly) petunias, didn’t they? I thought it was fabulous.




Go ahead, make me jealous help me dream! Where did you travel to on your last vacation (tropical or otherwise)? What were the highlights of your stay? If you’re planning an upcoming vacation, where are you heading to?


  1. Beautiful flowers… summer seems like years ago now! I love the hot cocoa links… something for later tonight I think, as it’s pretty cold here too! No tropical holidays on the horizon here… You need to put on some Caribbean music, turn up the heating and make yourself a cocoa rum cocktail! 😉

  2. You have my condolences, you really do. I hope this doesn’t make you feel worse, but the four of us are going to spend Christmas week at a cabin in South Carolina. The cabin is on a tidal marsh. SC is really semi-tropical, not tropical – daytime highs in the 60s F this time of year.

  3. I won’t bore you with details of my last Vacation, since you might have already read my blog….but yes that’s a really nice display of petunia…..that goes to show, you needn’t spend a ransom.

    • So true! Simple and elegant…and inexpensive! BONUS!

      I enjoyed your post about the 1906 Lodge – their garden looks lovely! Seems like a wonderful place to stay…I’ll have to remember it if we ever head out to Coronado.

      • O, that’s so nice to hear, thanks Sheryl. We’ve just arrived home this am very early. Pleasantly mild (-6C) at 2am in Edmonton.
        We’ve made Coronado our destination in San Diego twice now and we just love it. I got my nails done at this little place on main street, it’s been there forever. It’s like the beauty salon you went to with your mom in the 60’s. Everyone is super polite and friendly.

    • Petunias were never really my favourite flower (we had to handle so many of them in the garden centre where I used to work that I think I overdosed), but I’m really coming around. They’re so hardy and they bloom so long, and as you say, they’re available in every colour and pattern under the sun. I saw in one of my seed catalogues a new mix called ‘Hurrah Berry Tart’ – it’s a combo of purple, fuschia, and “blue.” The colours look fabulous together and would be awesome in containers – I think I’ll have to try to find some for next year! I was really enamoured with the black ones from a couple of years ago, but these bright colours are amazing.

  4. They certainly did a fab job on those drifts of flowers…mine never look like that…my last vacation was to visit family for Thanksgiving in AZ. The weather was lovely but it was nice here too while I was gone…no plans for a warm getaway…just dreaming of spring. It is OK to whine a bit especially when it snows from Sept to spring…ugh!

    • Spring can’t get here fast enough for me! 🙂 I know, I ought to “embrace” winter, but this year in particular, it felt like we had such a short blast of summer and no spring or autumn at all. I shouldn’t complain too much, however – in the northern part of the province, they’re experiencing far more cold and snow than we are here in the south. We’re actually fortunate in comparison!

  5. I must say, I do not miss the winters of Minnesota and Wisconsin that I grew up with. No vacations on the horizon, but there is no snow on the ground here and that is good enough for me. We were in the high 70′s yesterday (sorry!) so I think I will go work in the yard. Our summers are brutally hot so I have had to change my way of thinking. No more looking forward to summers, it is winter that I enjoy – here at least. The plantings around those apartments are stunning and showy

    • Geography and climate really do make a huge difference when it comes to gardening! I can imagine it must be very tricky to try to grow certain plants during your extremely hot summer weather – you must look so forward to the cooler season. I usually don’t mind our snow and cold, but sometimes the length of time we can’t garden gets to me. It often feels like our summers go by in a blink and we barely have time to put the seeds in, before everything freezes again.

  6. No vacation in sight for me. I just try to bring a little bit of the garden inside over the winter – miniature potted roses, orchids, etc in the kitchen windows. Brrr … it’s cold outside!

    • Oh, I so agree with you about the cold – we’re in a bit of a deep freeze right now, it’s been really nasty for over a week. It really becomes necessary to bring a bit of colour inside during these days!

  7. I’m a born and raised Albertan. This winter, for the first time ever, we are Snowbirds. While we have had several weeks of cooler weather here in Arizona, and we’ve had to wear several layers of fleece when we go for a walk, it sure beats an Alberta winter. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park – if you are ever in Arizona, make it a destination!

    • I would love to be in Arizona at this time of year! I Googled the Boyce Thompson Arboretum and went through their online tour (http://ag.arizona.edu/bta/index.html) – what an absolutely beautiful place! I will definitely have to check out it if I ever travel to Arizona! Happy New Year, and enjoy the rest of your stay in the south! 🙂

  8. If it makes you feel better, our last trip took us from TN to MD, VA & WVA where we encountered snow and ice every time we needed to travel between relatives houses. I did some cleaning up in my own garden when we got home (neglected work from the Autumn) and although cold, it did me a lot of good. Hope you can dig or plant or buy seeds soon!

    • I’m definitely not a fan of winter roads! So glad your travels were safe despite the weather. It’s so wonderful that you can still get out in the garden at this time of year, even if it is chilly.

      I’ve definitely been spending some quality time with my seed catalogues! I will put in an order next week…. 🙂

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