Larch trees in Canada: Guest post on Tree Canada.

My tiny obsession with larch trees continues…I’ve just done a guest post for Tree Canada about my favourite deciduous-conifer!  To read it, click here.  You never know when a little “larch tree trivia” might come in handy!  (It’s particularly useful to cover those awkward lulls in conversation at upcoming holiday parties….  Hmmm.  There may be a reason why I never get invited to attend anything).  😉

While you’re there, take a gander at Tree Canada’s excellent website and blog and read up on a ton of great info about trees (of course!), as well as all the fantastic projects they’re involved in.

What is your favourite type of tree?


  1. My favorite tree is probably the crape myrtle, even though I would probably choose conifers if they grew well here. It’s just too hot here for most of them, unfortunately. 😦 I understand exactly what you mean by small talk at parties. It’s so hard to find another gardener to really talk dirt! 😉

  2. The Larch is tree of the year 2012 in Germany (I posted about it in spring) and I have been watching ours closely this year. I have really only “noticed” them this year and have grown to adore them! They are the last trees with a little colour left now, as the needles have been slow to fall. I use the tiny cones for Advent decorations! Your article is very interesting – I didn’t know there are so many different types, and the fire-resistance was also new to me. Thanks Sheryl!

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