The library where I work is a 25 minute walk, one way, from my apartment.  I may do the sleep-deprived zombie shuffle in the early morning (in which case it takes me 35 minutes) and I may curse once or twice (muffled by my scarf and parka) when it’s forty below with an accompanying windchill for several days running, but usually I love my walks.  After work, especially – it’s a great chance to clear the cranium of all the day’s activities and think about other things.

Still, after walking the same route twice a day, five days a week for nearly four years, things can get…well…a bit routine.  The scenery doesn’t help much, either – every day, I walk by 1 fairly sizeable shopping mall, 2 schools (a junior and a senior high), 3 gas stations, 2 fast food joints and 1 casual sit-down restaurant, 2 coffee shops, 2 banks, 1 large grocery store, 1 church, and 1 senior citizens residential complex.  I find I sometimes go for entire weeks without really SEEING anything – there’s just too much signage with too many advertisements and notices, too many lights, too much traffic and distraction.

So, yesterday, I challenged myself to actually SEE…and, just off the sidewalk, this is what I found:

Fantastic textures and colours everywhere!

I wonder what I’ll see today….  🙂


  1. Sheryl what a beautiful walk you have! Lovely to view here on a hot 34 degree C day here in Melbourne! (Especially the snow on the pine) cheers Judith

  2. Hi Sherry,

    It is amazing what one can see when one is looking. A very nice post indeed. When I went flying cross-country with my sailplane it usually took me much longer for a given distance than some other pilots did, I called my type of flying the tourist type sight-seeing flying, that’s why I never won a contest. Just recently I read the report of a few Canadian pilots who took part in the world champion ship at Uvalde, Texas. There were detailed reports of the average lift strength, the best speed to fly to get back home and a host other technical details. After reading about four pages of that stuff, I was wondering if they actually saw anything besides their instrument panel, mind you they have to fly that way if they are racing. If you read my short story about a flight from Chipman to Camrose and return you’ll get the picture. So do some more seeing, the pictures are great.

    • Thanks so much, Grandpa – your tourist-style flying has given you a ton of great memories and photos over the years! I guess we all have to slow down sometimes, change up the route, and enjoy the journey – as you say, it’s not always a race (unless it actually is!). Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  3. Lovely photos! I can really understand this! When I lived in the city I would usually walk to work, and after a couple of years decided to make just a few steps detour through a mini park. There were only a few trees and flowers in summer, but I forced myself to look, and felt so much better for it! I hope you see something new again today!

    • I do love walking instead of driving…I don’t handle the traffic very well. And a long commute would be difficult sometimes, especially if the weather was poor. But you’re so right, even if you are driving, it’s a good idea to take a new route occasionally, see new things!

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