Flowery blurbs #15.




It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done one of these posts, and with that white stuff lurking outside my door, I figure now is as good a time as any to grab a mug of hot cocoa and put up a few great links I’ve found over the past month or so.  I hope you find some of this stuff interesting!  If you have any links to add, please feel free to share them in the comments, or post to Flowery Prose’s Facebook page (click on the sidebar to get there).   In the meantime, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this snow all melts before my community garden group meets on Saturday morning for the final bed cleanup….  🙂

If you’re not buried under snow yet (okay, okay, I admit to a little hyperbole), this fantastic tip sheet about watering trees (how, when, where) may still be useful.   There’s more to it than just hauling out the watering can and going to town!

Join the peat debate!  Do you use peat in your gardening projects?  Check out this video about the current peat controversy in Great Britain…and here’s a discussion about peat substitutes (note the comment about coir and pet dogs).

Here’s an awesome list of 10 Useful Tips for Every Gardener –  from making plant markers on the cheap to simple and easy-to-use rabbit and deer deterrents.

I can’t say this is something I’ve ever thought about before, but do slugs and snails really have a preference for the COLOUR of lettuce that they’re munching on?  Have a read here.

Planting according to a strict schedule is important!  (Hint:  It has something to do with why I crave chocolate and a nap every afternoon).  Here’s why.

This datasheet of flower shapes is absolutely amazing – it covers all of the botanical terms related to flowering parts, with excellent photos and illustrations.  This is, hands down, one of the best educational tools I’ve ever seen on this subject.

Yeah, I know it’s not QUITE about gardening, but Lorenzo Duran’s leaf cut-out art is incredible and definitely worth a look!

Finally, I love this compilation of the World’s 10 Oldest Living Trees – the photos are stellar as well.

Have an amazing day (snow or no snow!)  🙂


    • I guess we’re lucky, we didn’t get as much as they did in northern Alberta. And usually these early October snows don’t last very long, which makes me happy. We have a few more good gardening days left, I think! 🙂

    • Thanks, Cathy; the past two days have been wonderfully warm and sunny and the snow has melted already. I’m glad you liked the Flower Shapes link – the information it provides is fantastic!

  1. Snow!!! Here it’s still in the 80’s! However, that beach looks wonderful anytime of the year, no matter where one is from – unless, of course, one lives on the beach! Then they would probably like the snowy picture! 😉 Stay warm!

    • I guess I never really thought of it that way…do people really long for snow if they live on a warm, sunny beach? I can’t imagine! 🙂 But, perhaps if they like to ski or something….

    • I heard you got a whole lot more of the white stuff yesterday! 😦 I do hope the weather improves, it seems too early yet for this! Have a wonderful weekend!

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