List of Greenhouses, Garden Centres, and Nurseries in Alberta.

Freshly updated Directory of Alberta Greenhouses, Garden Centres, and Nurseries!

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Flowery Prose

I’ve created this resource to hopefully help connect the eager gardeners in the province with local growers and businesses that rely on our support….

If you garden in Alberta, please feel free to share this far and wide!

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List of Greenhouse, Garden Centres, and Nurseries in Alberta

All Seasons Garden Centre – Edmonton – (780) 448-2385
Alpine Greenhouse – Parkland County – 780-470-0007
Amicis Gardens – Manning – 780-836-5940
Apache Seeds – Edmonton – 780-489-4245 –
Arch Greenhouses – Edmonton – 780-438-4349 –
Aspen Grove Nurseries – Spruce Grove – 780-962-3148 –
Aspen Ridge Greenhouses – Sherwood Park – (780) 464-5527 –
Baraka Gardens – Smithfield – 780-221-5023 –
Bellis Garden and Greenhouses – Bellis – 780-636-2669
Arrowhead Nurseries – Edmonton – 780-472-6260 –
The Big Greenhouse – Spruce Grove – (780) 960-4769 –
Birch Meadow…

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