(Wild)flowery Friday.


In around the packing for our move across the city, the brutally lengthy commute, and working at a new location (not to mention, utterly failing to reply to the thoughtful, wonderful blog comments people have left or find the time to read anyone else’s blog entries) , there have been few spare moments to do any hiking or wildflower hunting this spring…and I’m dearly missing getting out.  My hubby and I did manage a whirlwind couple of orchid-hunting trips a couple of weeks ago, first to a spot we know southwest of the city, near the mountains, to look for calypso (or fairy slipper) orchids.  We found a scarce few, and I hope it was just a timing thing, because their numbers were sorely depleted from our last visit in spring 2015 (when I took the above photo).

Later in the same week, we went out to a place in the foothills of the Rockies, and scoped out the brilliant yellow lady’s slippers I mention here.  In this place, this year, the orchids had spread abundantly – a fantastic sign!

Speaking of lady’s slipper orchids, I recently came across a great article about the pollination and seed development of these gorgeous plants.  Enjoy the interesting read here.

Hopefully things will settle down in the next month or so and I can catch up with all of you very soon!  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. This is the second post this week I have read on wild orchids. I did not realize they grew wild! Silly me, not knowing a thing about orchids, it’s like thinking all food grows in the grocery store. 🙂 Moving is a big, time and thought consuming process. There is no way to have leftover brain for other things like blogs. You will catch up soon enough. I can’t imagine anyone not understanding. Best of everything with that endeavor.

  2. Beautiful! I have only ever seen pale creamy coloured wild orchids here. This one is such a vibrant colour! Good luck with the move!

  3. I’m sorry life is keeping you from the great outdoors and doing so many of the things you love. Is your new commute brutal, or are you leaving behind a bad one? I hope it’s the latter. Best of luck settling in. Thanks for sharing the scoop on these extraordinary orchids. They’re out of this world.

    • While we were in transition between jobs/residences, both my hubby and I had terribly long commutes, but it’s all good now! Just getting everything together now and doing all the unpacking. Hope to start catching up on WordPress very soon – I’ve missed so much that everyone is posting!

  4. Moving house is one of the worst experiences ever! We had to move house twice in 16 months (November 2004 and April 2006) – never again! I hope all goes as smoothly as possible and you can get back to hiking and other pleasures very soon.
    Your orchids are so pretty – I hope the Calypso Orchids aren’t in trouble. In Britain we have one type of Slipper Orchid and it is endangered and very rare now. http://www.brc.ac.uk/plantatlas/index.php?q=node/689

    • Wow, I don’t know if I could handle two big moves in 16 months – it would be so horrible! Things went fairly smoothly for our move, but it will take time to adjust. 🙂

      The slipper orchid in your link is exquisite, it’s really unfortunate that collecting and habitat encroachment is leading to the endangerment of orchids and other wild plants all over the world….

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