Calgary snapshot: Scabiosa.


A late bloomer – really late. I can’t say I’ve ever had anything blooming in my garden at this time of year – and this is the only plant that is. It’s November 16th and there is a single Scabiosa caucasica ‘Perfecta’ flower merrily swaying in the frosty, foggy breeze.  How sweet and beautiful is that?


    • What an incredible year for flowers! This particular plant doesn’t bloom continuously for me (here) – it never has – but it usually blooms in late June or July, slows down when it gets really hot and dry, and then starts up again in September. This year it stopped blooming when we got the snow and cold in October but then it suddenly made a fresh appearance last week…I have never seen it do that before.

  1. We have been very fortunate having another glimpse at Alpine Willy the Clematis. I have never seen the warm weather last for so long up here in Prince George and I’ve been here for 35 years.


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