Many Springs hike.


Rain threatened, but it was warmer during this hike than it looks in these photos!  Many Springs is a really short (1.3 km) and easy walk within the boundaries of Bow Valley Provincial Park, a wonderful place for spotting wildflowers and just enjoying the fantastic scenery.  It’s a great educational site (and would be ideal for anyone with young children), as there are interpretive signs throughout the loop that give some idea of the flora and fauna of the area and the “mystery” of the springs.  Hiking mid-week, in poor weather, meant we had the place to ourselves…ah, bliss!



Have you done any wildflower hunting lately, or walked in a new (or favourite) spot?


  1. Sheryl, that does look blissful, what a wonderful place to walk and spot wildflowers. We try to walk as much as possible, not sure if we have seen any views as lovely as yours though!

  2. So gorgeous!! What a view. I must admit, I love flowers but never really look out for them. I enjoy the smell, color etc but birds are always distracting em ;0) I will pay more attention! cheers, Johanna

  3. This looks a wonderful place to walk. I haven’t been out wildflower spotting recently but I’ve noticed a few as I drive about. Hope to be doing more walks in the next few weeks.

  4. When we had 75 acres I use to love my walks through the woods, fields, marsh and so on admiring and identifying all of the many wildflowers we had. Nothing more beautiful than flowers in their natural habitat…

  5. It looks lovely for some exploring! I bet it is busy during the weekend so probably a smart move to check it our during the week:)

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