Alberta Snapshot: Daybreak.

It’s been a week of exceptionally warm weather, massive puddles and spectacular sunrises (which seem particularly amazing when I have to get to work and can’t stop to truly enjoy them).  The perennial beds are finally thawing a bit, and I was able to get out yesterday and haul away some of the litter that has blown in from the parking lot over the winter.  My neighbours have taken to lobbing their cigarette butts off the balcony and into the bed on the east side, so that will be an additional mess once I can finally pry them out of the ice.  Ah, to have a garden of my own someday….  🙂


January sunrise at Nose Hill Park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. According to the Friends of Nose Hill Society, the park is the largest urban natural area in Canada. It is comprised of 2,700 acres of grassland in the heart of the city’s northwest quadrant.

This photo isn’t of one of those sunrises – I took this last year.  I did manage to get out and enjoy a long walk on Nose Hill yesterday, but I missed sunrise by about a half hour.  Spotted four deer and one fluffy coyote enjoying breakfast, but they were too far away for decent photos.

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!  What are you up to?


  1. We’ve had wonderful weather too this week. I don’t know about the sunrises, it’s along time since I saw one of those. I suppose there have to be some compensations for getting up early.

  2. Gorgeous picture Sheryl. Sorry about your neighbors and the cigarette butts that is not very thoughtful of them. Hope you have some nice warm weather and spring comes to your place very soon. Hugs

    • Thanks so much! A little skiff of snow has fallen this morning, but the changeable weather is to be expected. 🙂 I’m hoping my neighbours will perhaps rethink their ways once the lawn dries up and there is an increased risk of fire – it’s a definite worry.

  3. I staked my indoor pea plants this weekend as they have grown at least 6 inches this week. Our indoor radishes have also put on a growth spurt. The sunshine coming in through the windows this week have done wonders for my indoor vegetable growing experiment.

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