Wordless Wednesday: Mountain Ash.

Wordless Wednesday:  Mountain Ash.


    • Ooooh I like the idea of the photo on a tag! 🙂 I saw your blog photos of the snow and all the reports on the news…ugh, you really got hit hard with the white stuff! I sure hope it doesn’t head our way!

      • No doubt, you do not want any part of this. Watching my morning news….the commute is going to really be tough. There’s already all kinds of accidents. Some parts of the city got 17cm…yikes. Meanwhile, you’re probably enjoying very mild weather. We look forward to some this week ourselves 😉

    • I love them, too! Mountain ash is a common boulevard tree here in Calgary – they’re perfect because they’re so hardy and can put up with our crazy climate and all the urban pollution.

    • Thank you! I know birds will eat mountain ash berries, but for some reason there are always a lot left hanging on the branches. It seems the birds much prefer the chokecherries – they always completely strip the trees bare.

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