Wordless Wednesday: Snow!


  1. On Saturday I tried to work in the garden to get it ready for the winter season but winter came a little too soon. I had to give up because it was difficult to see in the blowing snow. I live in the same area! Hopefully, it will warm up again. ~Thea

    • Oh, I hope so, too, but somehow it’s not looking too good for us, is it? I’ve talked to so many people who say the same thing, that it kind of sprung up without giving us enough time to finish all of our gardening and other winter prep tasks. Fingers crossed that November will be warmer and less white!

  2. I hope you got your outdoor jobs done before it hit. Enjoy it while it lasts! I expect there’ll be a warmer spell before winter really arrives.

    • Thanks, Cathy – I do hope it lets up soon! I did manage to get all my gardening work done, though, so I guess if it wants to snow, I’m ready for it. I have to admit, it IS rather pretty!

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